First time RV buyers: The Experience

It’s been 2 years since we thought we found THE one, but did not. This past January we received a lead on a coach at a dealership in Alexandria, MN that fit our wish list. The mileage was higher than hoped, but the price fitted our budget. We called the vendor a few days thereafter to set up a tour. To our dismay, someone had already placed a hold on it, but made the trip anyway to look at it.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: My First Trip

As you may have noticed, I’m no “spring chicken”, so when my boyfriend suggested we go on a canoe trip this summer in the Boundary Waters, I got excited and nervous at the same time.  The Boundary Waters Canoe Area follows the border between the US and Canada in the state of Minnesota. It is…

Getaway to the “Parc Naturel du Verdon” – Les Gorges

We finished our breakfast and were now ready to explore. The gorge is known as one of the premiere hiking places in Provence. We selected a hiking trail to complete later in the afternoon but first decided to drive the loop around the gorge.  From Riez we drove in the direction of Moustiers-Ste.-Marie. The village,…

Spanish Shrimp

This shrimp recipe brings a little taste of Spain into your kitchen. It is tasty, easy to make on a work night and is ready in less than 30 minutes. Serve over rice or pasta if your diet allows it. Personally, I serve it with a Cauliflower Rice or Quinoa Bowl.