Getaway to the “Parc Naturel du Verdon” – Les Gorges

We finished our breakfast and were now ready to explore. The gorge is known as one of the premiere hiking places in Provence. We selected a hiking trail to complete later in the afternoon but first decided to drive the loop around the gorge.  From Riez we drove in the direction of Moustiers-Ste.-Marie. The village,…

Classic Summer Dessert: Peach Clafoutis

This recipe is a classic from my childhood in France. My mom always made it with cherries. This time I used peach that had been in my refrigerator for a week, and needed to get eaten. You can use any summer fruit, just keep in mind baking time may vary based on the fruit used….

400 Years of Secrecy Behind a French Liquor

May 16 is Chartreuse Day! Do you know what it means? The Chartreuse liquor is today considered one of the oldest liquor in the world. The recipe for that French liquor made in the heart of the French Alps was given to the Carthusian Monks in 1605, more precisely, you guessed it, May 16, 1605….

The Mythical Wines of France

France is known for some great wines. Who has not drink a Bordeaux, a Burgundy, or a Champagne? But did you know there are several areas that produce fabulous wines, consumed mainly in their regions’ of origin, and mostly unknown from the general public? The Bugey This region is one of the smallest in France…