10 things we learn in the first 6 months of our motor home ownership

We knew this summer was going to be an adventure. We, as expected, encounter a few learning experiences. We are grateful nothing got broken, but that makes for funny stories around the fire pit. If you’ve seen the movie RV Vacation, you may recognize a few of our mistakes. 

1- Always survey the area when boondocking. Check both side clearance and ground soil.

We got the back axels stock in the sand for 2 hours. Created holes as large as a swimming pool until a smart woman call the tow truck to get us out.

2- Check RV surroundings before releasing the jacks. The electrical cord got stuck under the wheels when we released the jacks that made it impossible to unplug and leave camp. We put the jacks back-up to pull the plug. 

3- If you have to hold the hose down when dumping, wear shorts, tee-shirt and washable clothes in case the dumping station backs up and sprays you, or find a big rock to hold it in. Let’s say it was not a pleasant experience. You can use your imagination for what happened. 

4- Check where the electric box is located. The box stood in front of the bus instead of the back. We ran the cord by the generator exhaust pipe. We noticed it and pull the cord away. 

5- Sudden change in the weather happen. We were camping in the Black Hills over Labor Day weekend. On Sunday, the temperature was 90F. Monday morning we woke up with 6 inches of snow and a temperature of 28F. The awnings were out, had to wait a few days for the weather to warm up to roll the awnings back. We brushed the snow off the awnings without damage. 

6- Invest in a good surge protector. We were camping in a city park that had water issues in the spring, and damaged some of the electrical outlets. The surge protector circuit analyzer shot-down all electrical appliances in the coach except for the lights. No damages were to report. 

7- Be prepared for the unexpected. When driving back from South Dakota, the front shade dropped without notice blocking the view of the road. We could not bring it back up. We rolled it up and held it with a refrigerator clip magnet to clear the view. 

8- Not, all cars are towable, even the most popular ones. Our Jeep experienced the Death Wobble several times. We bought a new car this fall. 

9- Be ready to bring your coach to the repair shop. One of the hydraulic jack leaked, we had to bring it to the shop to be replaced. 

10- Have phone numbers for all systems in a handy place. The large slide did not open. We called Newmar customer service and found we bumped one lever in the storage compartment and turned off the mechanism. An easy fix. 

Our future home is now in store for the winter. We are getting ready to sell the house after the holidays and start packing. More adventures coming soon…. 

It’s all about the adventure.

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