The day I lost my wallet an hour before getting into an airplane


It was our fourth and last day of our ski vacation. We woke up around 6:30 am to the light coming through the curtains. I got out of bed, walked towards the window and open the shades to watch the sun rising on Lone Peak. For the past four days I’ve seen this spectacular natural phenomenon, and was sad to know it was the last time I would be able to see it.

Lone Peak at Sunrise

We got geared up, grabbed a quick breakfast, and were ready at the bottom of the hill by the time the lifts opened. It was another blue bird day at Big Sky. We skied hard until early afternoon when it was time to go pack.

Travelling for a ski vacation can be difficult. The equipment itself is cumbersome. So for the past 5 years we found it’s easier to ship our clothes and skis instead of carrying everything with us through the airport. The suitcase and ski bag were brought to the shipping room at the resort, and Voila! Time to go enjoy our last evening in town.

My boyfriend and I were not scheduled on the same flight back home. He had left early in the morning while I had time to take a shower, have breakfast and stroll down to the front desk to wait for the shuttle that would take me back to Bozeman. The ride down the mountain following the Gallatin River was amazing. I was enjoying the view when I realized we were getting close to the airport. I wanted to give a tip to the driver, so I looked for my wallet in my purse and could not find it. I started to get anxious; I emptied the entire content of my purse in the shuttle under the eyes of my riding companions; nothing!

Where is my wallet? Did it get stolen? Where did I leave it? What do I do now? I am ready to get into an airplane and I have no money, no ID and no credit card. Panic!

I am retracing my steps in my head from the last time I remembered grabbing it. Bingo! I remember! I left it in the suitcase that is now seating in a shipping truck in the middle of Montana, or who knows where.

We get to the airport and I excuse myself to the driver. I grab my phone to call my boyfriend, that is already home, to tell him about the situation I’m in. I thought I may be able to have him send a copy of my passport to the airline, when I feel something in the inside pocket of my ski jacket. I open the pocket and what do I found? My emergency wallet. When I go skiing I never bring my entire wallet with me. I just put emergency items I may need, ID, credit card, insurance card and $20 cash. I suddenly feel a big sense of relief. I am a lucky one today, and the travel gods are with me. I made it home safe 3 hours later and my wallet arrived three days later as I thought it would. All is good and back in balance.

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  1. Adam Morris says:

    That’s pretty cool — I’ve never thought to carry an emergency wallet, but that’s a really good idea. If you ever do get stuck, apparently it’s perfectly legal to fly without an ID within the US (although they usually pull you aside for additional screening, and it adds a bit of time.)

    1. Marilyne says:

      Hello Adam, I guess I did not know you could fly without an ID in the US. Good to know.

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