Historic Route 66 or what’s left of it!


Route 66 in Albuquerque passes through downtown from the West Mesa all the way to the East side of town on what is now Central Avenue. Signs of the Historical Route are disappearing fast. All you can see today are series of old motel signs advertising empty lots, shabby buildings or old motels where I would be afraid to spend a night. (No offense).


I’m all about progress but what about preserving our history on the way? Route 66 is an American Icon known around the world. It is the mother of all the roads. Millions of people are still dreaming of one day driving the route from Chicago all the way to California. A website called “Savert66.org” has been created to raise awareness opposing a Rapid Transit Project (ART) the city of Albuquerque proposed. The ART proposed route would use route 66 at its main corridor further changing the local flavor of what is left of this iconic route.




On the other side, The ART website claim a revitalization of Historic Route 66 to bring more life to neighborhoods along the projected route.



I do not want to start a debate on this project, I was just sad driving through Albuquerque today, and seeing what our glorious past had become.

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