Off Season Travel to Ski Resort [Megeve]


Warren Miller film has been a tradition in our family for the past 4 years. The tour makes a stop in Minneapolis every year at the end of October, and once again, we could not miss this years’ film Chasing Shadows. The ambiance is “bon-enfant”. The crowd is cheering at images showing really good skiers who are pushing the limits of the sports. One of the segments featured Chamonix, home of the Mont Blanc [Not to be mistaken with the pen].


When it come to skiing, I am far from a dare devil, but I enjoy the sport. This past fall, I took my boyfriend to Megeve, just a step away from Chamonix. He did not really understand why I would do that. “A ski resort without snow is worthless”, were his words. I would admit it rained the entire time we were there. The ceiling was so low we could not see the Mont Blanc that was, I think, right there. Summer season was over, ski season was still a couple of months away, and 95% of the town was closed. Personally I enjoyed the visit. I don’t think we saw more than a hand-full of people in the streets. We had the town to ourselves.


Where to stay?

Well that’s another pleasure we did not get to enjoy. I wanted to stay at La Chaumine, a cozy and convivial Bed & Breakfast of 11 rooms close to downtown. It used to be an old farm that was converted into a hotel 20 years ago. The grand children took over the management of the hotel recently. The rain got to us I guess, and we decided to go back into the valley instead.


What to eat?

The traditional Raclette is THE dish to have. The Reblochon is the cheese specialty from the region that is used to make it. A dish made of melted cheese served with boiled potatoes, small pickles called cornichons and charcuterie.


The Megeve Tourism office located in the center of the village was open. YEAH! We ventured inside to find out where I could find a store that sells “Bol D’air Pur” from Pure Altitude, a product I saw online, made in the region. I wanted to see what this product was all about. The person working at the desk was not very friendly, she barely acknowledged us. Too many visitors, I guess [a little bit of sarcasm here]. I did not find it. { Sad Face}.


We’ll have to come back, but this time, when we can enjoy it. Thankfully, my hometown is only 2 hours away. I just don’t think I can drag my boyfriend back again if there is no snow.

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