My first blog

Me last week in Annecy

Hi, I’m Marilyne. I was born in France and I now live in the US. I work in the hospitality industry and it has taken me to many places around the world. I started writing about my travels 4 years ago on a social platform called i-Meet. Today, I decided to create my own blog. I am nervous but excited at the same time.

I have an accent {Yes I do} that starts conversations. Everyday I meet someone new and it never fells, I am asked where I am from. I learned over the years to say I am from Lyon when actually I am from Vienne a small town located 20 miles south of Lyon in the Rhone Valley. I always get the same reaction: a blank stare followed by I went to Paris {or Nice} blah blah blah… always the same. It seems that beside those two cities there is nothing else in France. I guess it is the same for the US. Beside New York and California, there is not a lot in between. Oops, no offense, I now live in Minnesota, right smacked in the middle, so I disagree with both statements.

My objective through this blog is to show you there is more to France, or the US. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Please leave me your comments. Thanks for reading.

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