Post Card from Yellowstone

2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of the National Park system in the US. There is nothing to add to the beauty of this natural wonder, just enjoy.        

Top 5 reasons to visit Medora, ND

Treasures can be found all around us. No need to travel miles away to discover beautiful places in unexpected areas. When I was told we should stop in Medora, ND and make it an overnight stop on our way to Yellowstone, my first thoughts were “what is there to do in Medora?”   The Medora…

Site Update…if interested

I added a new page to this site called “Deals From Me to You”. As I received gifts from sponsors, my intention is to post these deals for you, the readers to enjoy. So, check the page and enjoy indeed.

Great River Road Wine Trail itinerary

Who would have thought 20 years ago Minnesota would make wines? I guess lots of us would have laugh at this idea. The cold winter months were killing most of the plants and wine makers had to go through a great deal of work to protect the vines from freezing. Thanks to the research done…