A Romantic Winter Hideaway in the North Woods!

Romance? What is Romance?

Merriam Webster dictionary define romance as:

  • A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love
  • A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

This is our romantic story,

It was a warm January afternoon; the temperature was above the freezing point for the first time in weeks. The sun was setting and we were driving on Hwy 35 going north out of Minneapolis. Traffic was light. The romantic weekend we’ve been waiting for had finally arrived. The excitement in the car was palpable. In less than four hours we will be at our destination.

The Giants Ridge sign stands large and tall on the side of the road outside the little German town of Biwabik, Minnesota. The night had fallen, and the snow was making it difficult to find the road to our last stop. We knew we were close. The GPS had indicated we reached our destination. Between two mounds of plowed snow we found what we were looking for, and turned into the driveway of Green Gate Guest Houses.

The 15’ x 15’ log cabin is an original 1890’s pioneer house bringing the essence of the tiny house living movement to reality. There is no clock, no Internet, just you, your thoughts and nature. Waking up in that place the next morning was magical. The wood fire stove kept the cabin warm all night, whereas the main level heated floor kept our feet warm and toasty while eating breakfast.

Talk with the owner, Shawn, for 5 minutes and you’ll realize why this place is so special. The original log cabin was hand built by Finnish craftsmen near Ely, MN around 1890. It was moved to a site in Wisconsin several years ago. Shawn purchased the building, dismantled it, and reconstructed the structure where it seats today. The theme of the Log Cabin is “pioneer living in style”. We enjoyed it so much, we want to keep the experience all to ourselves. But we won’t!

We spent our days skiing, eating and drinking at Giants Ridge ski area. The resort claims a 1,792 ft. summit elevation, 35 downhill ski runs, and 60 Km of Nordic ski trails for all levels of expertise. In the evening we found restaurants in the environs, Burnt Onion Kitchen & Brews in the new Chalet at the base of the hill offers some of the best food we found in the area. Vi’s Pizza and TNT Bar in town came close second.

Our quixotic weekend came to an end. Thank you to the vision and passion of one man for the outdoors and his desire to someday create a unique place to share with travelers.

Thank you Shawn for crafting this amazing place.

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