Wine Review: Chinon, Loire Valley, France

I am not a big fan of drinking red wine without a meal, so when I tasted this Chinon from the Loire Valley I was agreeably surprise. It is extremely pleasant to the palate, light bodied and fruity. I am used to drinking wines from the Rhône Valley or Burgundy Region that are more tannic and full in the mouth, this one was not the case. I will put this wine in the Beaujolais category, just more pleasant. I can see this wine being served with poultry or a light summer dish. I enjoyed drinking it cool with an appetizer. Cabernet Franc is the grape variety used to make this wine.


We bought the wine in France. You can find some Chinon in the U.S. from various producers. I used the “Wine Searcher” app to find a location near me. Prices vary from $15 to over $60 a bottle based on the year and the producer. It was a surprise we paid less than $10 for the bottles we brought back.

Chinon is a village located in the “Centre Region” on the left bank of the Loire River. The regional area is called the Touraine and is well known for its wines as well as its castles and historic towns. Chinon produces mostly red wines. The Appellation Chinon Contrôlée covers 18 villages and close to 5,000 acres. The region produces around 6 million bottles a year. The wine can age up to 8 years but it is recommended to drink it between 3 to 5 years.

Enjoy with moderation!

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