Real Madrid up-close and personal


If you follow Soccer (Football in Europe), you know about the Real Madrid. It’s one of the most valuable sports team in the world and one of the world’s highest earning football-club.

I had the privilege, with a few other people, to get a personal tour of the stadium. I am not sure I have the words to describe what I saw. We started the visit in the VIP Sponsor Club where we were welcomed with champagne and petit fours. We then followed a long gallery where 100 years of trophies are in display in glass-protected casings. Rows after rows of plaques, cups, medals and memorabilia are in display. Pictures were hard to take and do not give it credit. After spending close to 2 hours listening to the club historian, we moved onto the field. This is when you realize how much soccer brings in revenue. The players seats are nothing from what I remember when I was a kid watching my local team. They looked like a La-Z-Boy lounge chair, all leather. It would be fun to be able to get access to these seats during a game. First class seats! Why not?


Our last stops were the locker rooms: high class for the local team with Jacuzzi and massage tables, minimalist with no extras for the visitors’. [I guess they do not want to pamper the opponents], and the press conference room, where some of us got the opportunity to experience the frill of an interview.

Tours are available to the public. They last about 1-hour. You’ll see the trophy room, watch videos and get access to the President balcony. The dressing rooms are available on some of the tours, not all. Tours are restricted on game day. The tour costs $22.00 for adult and is free for children under 5.

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